Enigma – 3 x 64GB Flash Drives

By Ken Xu on Dec 11, 2008 in PC Gadgets
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Enigma is the combination of Size and Design from GressoDesign. It’s more on a Jewelry then a mere necklaces for your girlfriend. Enigma’s have star like design, with each end of the pointy edge is a Flash drives with monster size capacity. On each end, you’ll find 64GB flash drive and there are three of them in one enigma star.

Enigma Constellation - 3 x 64GB Flash Drives

Result in 192GB, it’s pretty like wearing a hard drive on your neck with more sense and touch of the luxurious. Enigma will cost you 5,000 euro, or equal to around $10,000 in US$. There are two versions of Enigma design, one is the Star shape called “Constellation” and the other is called “Labyrinth”.

Enigma Labyrinth USB Flash Drives

Enigma Labyrinth USB Flash Drives

The main material of the Enigma design is the 200 year old African Blackwood, blended together with diamonds and 18K gold. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s so expensive. It’s really a hi-tech fashion for those bornrich peoples. Not for us who live on paycheck to paycheck…

(via ChipChick and GeekAlerts)

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