Lacie CurrenKey: Coin Shaped USB Flash Drive

By Ken Xu on Dec 2, 2008 in PC Gadgets
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If you have a good observation, you’ll notice almost anything is turned to USB flash drives. Starting from freaking cool design to weird stuffs. From Dirt to tasty foods (watermelon, etc). From bling-bling to steampunk style design. Yep, almost everything.

Now, it’s the turns of our daily uses COINs as the respective design for latest LaCie flash drive series, the LaCie CurrenKey.

Lacie CurrenKey Flash Drives

Somehow, it looks a bit funny. As if the Capacity / Data is the currency of our geeky life. The currency for this coin shaped flash drive is in 4GB (bronze) and 8GB (silver). This type of design offers several benefits like easy to store by stacking them together and can be identified easily using the colors.

The size also the similar to our Coins. Which is illustrated in the following pictures:

Lacie CurrenKey - Coins shaped Thumbdrives

Lacie Currenkey 4GB and 8GB capacity

But I’m kinda dislike the limited “currency”. 8GB is really minimum these days as the ever increasing needs of data such as storing music, videos, etc. The price is $20 (4GB) and $30 (8GB). Pretty expensive and I might want to make a big jump to the 64GB flash drives instead, if by any chance I valued capacity more than the unique design. ;)

[via ChipChick]

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