The Pin Clock: From Toys Art to Digital Clock

By Ken Xu on Nov 30, 2008 in Clocks and Alarms
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The Pin Clock is a new clock with old system adopted from Toys art. If you remember that toy which will imprinted any shape that you stick into the toy, the you will know how this pin clock mechanism working to show you the time.


The Time is displayed in a digital form and Pin clock only show you the hours and minutes figures as it’s impossible to show you the second count. The Pin Clock is pretty much a 3D type of digital clock and you’ll see them reshuffle their own every minute and hour changes. Pin clock is more about art then a normal digital clock.

If you wish to get it, you can have this artistic Pin Clock for $69.95 at Amazon.

My 8 cents:
I think this clock is more about design then functionality. On that price, I can find better digital clock with more features to play with. Well, if you respect more on the value of the Arts, don’t hesitate to own one! ;)

or, get various of cool and cheaper digital clocks at Amazon.

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